All visitors welcome at the North Tahoe Demo Garden

Demonstration Gardens

Tahoe City Demonstration Garden

UC Davis TERC operates and manages the Tahoe City Demonstration Garden located around the Tahoe City Field Station (Tahoe City, CA).    

Tahoe City Demonstration Garden and Tahoe City Field Station

Tahoe City Demonstration Garden 

This 3-acre native plant demonstration garden surrounds the Tahoe City Field Station and the Eriksson Education Center. This garden includes a lath house used by the TERC forestry team to grow seedlings for local reforestation projects. The garden has different demonstration of defensible space, best management practices, xeriscape experiment, and a large variety of native plants zoned for different areas to serve as examples for every Tahoe yard. Learn more about the programs and events at this location. 

To learn more contact Alison Toy ( or visit the Tahoe Science Center in Incline Village (open year round)!


North Tahoe Demo Garden


North Tahoe Demonstration Garden

Located on the Sierra Nevada University campus in Incline Village, Nevada adjacent to the UC Davis Tahoe Science Center. This green space serves as an educational community garden. The Garden promotes lake-friendly landscaping and conservation planning to help preserve our unique and fragile alpine environment. The garden was managed and operated in collaboration with Sierra Nevada University (SNU) and the Incline Village General Improvement District until 2022. This collaboration no longer exists due to the absorption of SNU by the University of Nevada Reno (UNR) and the garden is now solely managed by UNR.